Frozen, Google Pixel Half dead when Face Galaxy S7

Although Samsung has released the Galaxy S7 quite a long time before Google released Pixel, but the successor to the Galaxy S6 is apparently still considered quite ‘worth it’ by vlogger technology when testing a new device Google Pixel.

The YouTube channel released a video Tech Trinkets that comparative toughness of the Galaxy S7 vs Google Pixel in the freezer for 10 hours. To perform this test, the man in the video Galaxy S7 and Pixel enter into a container of mineral water.

Furthermore, the two smartphones in a container of water was put in the freezer for 10 hours, so that both devices are to be frozen. Once frozen, the phone was thawed on ice floes that.

When rescued from ice bongkaha, screen Pixel looked dead while the Galaxy S7 still burning even walk normally. Knowing Galaxy S7 is still alive, the man in the video kindle Pixel, but the phones made by Google it still will not turn on.

Then, he took action to save Pixel by ridding the water of Pixel Pixel and charges, and he was stunned when Google Pixel back on.