Scandal Impact Emissions VW, Mercedes Benz Diesel Car Launch Delay

WASHINGTON DC – Mercedes Benz has no plans to bring the new car with a diesel engine market in the near future to the United States (US). Autonews reported on Tuesday (11/22/2016), the German car manufacturer is awaiting the results of the certification of the US environmental protection agency or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on some diesel models.

It was reported that EPA impose more stringent testing procedures impact of emissions scandal Volkswagen (VW). This resulted in various delays including new product launches diesel.

Matthias Luehrs, Vice President of Sales and Product Management Mercedes Benz Cars, said that the company is currently conducting research related to the market demand for diesel cars.

“We have to look at it and determine whether it makes sense to offer a diesel engine in the future. We have not reached the clear conclusion but we always tend to develop the car and offer vehicles according to customer requirements,” said Luehrs.

Currently the company recently received EPA certification for GLS diesel version with a V6 engine configuration. (San)